More glory for OpenID

Resumo: OpenID ofertas unuobla ensaluto por multoblaj TTT-ejoj. Mia TTT-ejo – MyChores – nun havas elektilo por pli faciligi OpenID.

As everyone knows i am a huge fan of OpenID, so i was delighted to discover that JanRain have launched another fantastic product, called ID Selector, which makes it easier than ever to login using OpenID.

It was very easy to incorporate the DHTML plugin into MyChores, and i made a little video to show how it works.

I have even been Twittered!


I am now up with the WordPress 2.5 and my lovely new theme from I love it! Nice and calm and blue! I do like pale blue websites, although this is possibly a little bit cold, what do you think?

I think i have found a better OpenID plugin – i’d be grateful of some test comments to see if it works for you. It no longer tries to register you on this site … it just takes your URL and authenticates with OpenID if it can. I think that’s sensible.

Oh, they really have done well on this new WordPress! I just noticed how easy it is to upload/insert an image. Very neat! I’ll upgrade soon too! :)

OpenID promoting open networks

This is awesome: We Are Opening the Social Graph – a blog entry by David Recordon who has just returned to Six Apart. Explaining OpenID and showing how it could help us to map social networks and provide even more links between users on separate sites. This is exactly what i’m keen to do since i moved away from LiveJournal!

I want to read it properly when i get home tonight, and i’m going to look into that XFN microformat for claiming your other identities – seems a very nifty idea.

What's my password, again?

I want to write about something that i think is absolute genius: Password Maker. I am slowly in the process of changing my passwords to use the kind of passwords that are generated by this code.

It’s really very simple. It takes an input string (i use the domain name of the site where i am logging in) and hashes it with a super password. The hash can be MD4, MD5, SHA-1 or a myriad of other complex encryption algorithms that i will never understand! I would guess that all these algorithms are one-way so that nobody could ever find out your super password.

What it means is i actually don’t know my passwords for every site! I don’t need to! I just go here and generate them each time i need them. It’s perfectly safe because it doesn’t store anything, but for my own peace of mind i have downloaded a copy for my own, which i have slightly customised.

Obviously i’d rather use OpenID everywhere and do away with passwords altogether, but until that particular Utopia arrives, this is a good way of making unique, un-guessable passwords and not worrying about remembering them.

Anyway, just wanted to share! :)

The big plan

In this exciting day and age of dispersing away from LiveJournal, i have come up with a plan.

  1. I will post in this blog alone. At the moment i’m not sure whether i will post in communities.
  2. Anyone is welcome to follow the RSS feed, syndicating it on other journals if they wish.
  3. I can use Bloglines to follow friends and communities wherever they are.
  4. I have accounts at LiveJournal, DeadJournal, GreatestJournal, InsaneJournal and Blurty. I would create one at Scribblit and JournalFen, but it seems to be turned off at those sites at the moment.
  5. I will use OpenID to comment wherever i can, or else use my ID at that site if OpenID is not enabled, or if the entry has anonymous commenting turned off.

The more i think about it, the more ridiculous it seems that OpenID is treated the same as anonymous. Because it is in fact the complete opposite! Brad Fitzpatrick went to all this trouble to design a way of authenticating and proving you are the same person across multiple sites, and yet for years it has been given the same status as anonymous commenting. That’s beyond ironic!

The only thing i’m worried about in this plan is becoming flooded by cross-posted entries. Maybe not in personal journals; i hope people will give an indication of which is their main journal … but i can see the potential for community cross-posting increasing exponentially!

Feeling sleepy …

I have had a very hectic day week year. We had to do a demo today on the new version of our software, which really isn’t very reliable yet, and i felt awful, letting our product manager go into the demo not really knowing whether the demo would work or not. It relies on network connectivity and all sorts of things can go wrong, so it really was dodgy. Apparently it went quite well, though.

I really need to go to bed at a good time tonight because i have had too many late nights recently. Part of that is due to the whole Six Apart fiasco, but mostly it is due to me having poor self-control!

LJ support have been quite nice to me, replying to my abuse report. They pointed me to a suggestion that OpenID comments be treated differently to anonymous comments, something that i would appreciate greatly. I’m glad that it hasn’t been forgotten.

I’ve been having an idea of a way of forming communities in a similar way to an RSS aggregator. Something about posts i make being automatically cross-posted to a community on another site, either individually or chosen by tag (ie every post i make with a particular tag could be sucked up into the community). That community would of course have its own RSS output which people could follow. I’d love to code something along those lines, but i would be better off leaving it to the experts in the RSS aggregator domain. I have been wondering whether it might already be possible with Bloglines, but i don’t think it is quite.

Two more things … i might fancy learning Interlingua … wonder where i can attend classes? … and Nye has made a lovely MyChores post – it’s things like that which make me very happy i made MyChores!