don't you just love an awesomesauce #tupperwarebox

This weekend the world went mad for Tupperware Boxes.

Key output:

Some rather bizarre songs:

My dog’s favourite thing is my #tupperwarebox, it’s full of treats and nom, she behaves so well when it’s around, I think I’ll tie it on.

I’ve got a massive #tupperwarebox it’s got a special lid that clicks and locks

Come on and let’s rock! Everybody let’s rock! Everybody in the whole cell block was dancing to the #tupperwarebox!

How I love my little #tupperwarebox! You can a-store my cheese, you can a-sit on my knees, feels like a picnic right here at home…

A quiz: “Which #tupperwarebox would you be?”

A twitter retweeter bot: @tupperwarebot – the cool thing about this was i learnt how to use Yahoo Pipes and made a pipe that finds relevant tweets and manipulates the stream to become retweets with the hashtag #tupperwarebox

A Justin Bieber in a #tupperwarebox which gained the @tupperwarebot a lot of Justin Bieber fans!

Justin Bieber in a #tupperwarebox on Twitpic

This is actually quite disturbing when i found there is a rumour that Justin Bieber got stuck in a toy box at age 7 and suffers from claustrophobia. But anyway, the fans seem to like it. They appreciate the randomness of it and came up with the hashtag #justininatupperwarebox!

Finally, there is a Facebook group: Tupperware Box! If you are a fan of Tupperware and/or pure random nonsense, please don’t hesitate to join! :D


Tupperware Box on Facebook

Happy 29th February!

Writing a post simply to celebrate the 29th February! I have a friend who is about a week overdue to have a baby. I think it would be great if the baby comes today … but my friend does not agree!

A colleague just said it’s unfair that we have to work on the 29th February. Another said we have slacked off a quarter day for the last 3 years so now we have to make up for it. I said i like Februarys because we get paid more per day – even when it is a leap year.

In other news, we have been having some banana peeling experiments. I am a new convert to the monkey method – hold it by the stalk, pinch at the blunt end and peel down to the stalk. It seems to work quite well. We have banana o’clock every day sometime between 3pm – 4pm. Yesterday there were 6 people all eating bananas together … all but one of them using the monkey method of peeling! :)

Spam me all you like!

I sometimes enjoy checking the spam for comments that Akismet has cast aside for me. There is a kind of comment that takes such a predictable form it is almost like a Haiku. It goes:

{assurance of trust}..

The two dots on the second line are very important. There are always two dots on the second line. Here are some examples:

Hi this article is funny.
I will definitely read your blog..

Cool article.
I think you will comment our diary..

Great comment.
I know you’ll surf on my page..
Thank You

Amazing article.
I think you will comment my blog..

They all include links to something terribly mundane such as folding chairs, cat litter trays, or sunbeds. Despite their high level of confidence i have not yet surfed on their pages nor commented their blogs! As i say, they usually get trapped in the spam filter.

Does anyone else get these type of messages? Maybe i’ll start writing my blog in this format …

Great day.
I am sure i will sleep well tonight..
See Ya

Rubik's boohoo

I found a Rubik’s Cube of my partner’s and immediately decided that i must learn to solve it! I found some great video tutorials on youtube and was doing great until the cube just fell apart in my hands! Which made me feel bad obviously because it is my partner’s, but also because i was determined to learn it to impress people!

So tomorrow i will have to buy a new Rubik’s Cube, and until then i have been using an online version! :) I just solved one in fact! YAY! :D

JK Rowling is on ITV1 at 7pm … looking forward to that, although i have seen a preview clip and i do not believe that was the very moment that Jo finished Book 7. It was just like, “Oh, there we go, i’ve finished!” No way! That was surely not how it happened.

Kinda random …

A discussion about a wire-bound A4 notebook, eg:

Wirebound notebook

Colleague: I think i’ll run my notebook in widescreen mode from now on.
Me: Why?
Colleague: I might be able to fit more on it.
Me: But the lines go the wrong way.
Colleague: Oh yeah. I should be able to right-click on it and choose orientation.
Me: Hmmm. *looks on internet* Oh, they do a version with 5mm squares!
Colleague: That would do it!