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I’ve been sent home. I’m too ill. I’m not *that* ill … i managed to get a decent bit of work done this morning, but it made me very tired. So i’ve come home with a fascinating book to put me to sleep keep me occupied: Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software by Gamma, Helm, Johnson and Vlissides. Nearly 400 pages – yikes!

I like cucumbers. Sometimes i think a nice fresh cold, crisp and juicy cucumber tastes almost like a watermelon! Depending on my mood i might prefer slices, chunks or strips. I like cucumber grated in salad, and it makes a tasty and refreshing juice. Wow, cucumbers are great!

Today i discovered another Cucumber that i like – the feature runner that supports behaviour driven development. We switched over to Cucumber at work today. Just like that! We converted two of our projects to Cucumber and already gained the benefit of having ambiguous steps pointed out, and enjoyed the pretty colours and helpful information in the output.

One thing i like about Cucumber is it is multilingual. I have been thinking about writing my features for MyChores in LOLCAT! I’m not quite sure how it’s going to work, but i think it would be pretty funny[0] to pretend i have a team of cats testing the code! Maybe it’s a bit impractical, i don’t know. Perhaps i’ll give it a try this afternoon.

[0] My interpretation of the word ‘funny’ may not be the same as everybody else’s!

Spice Girls Greatest Hits

Aha, i feel like a teenager again! I have just purchased the Spice Girls Greatest Hits album! I got the special edition: CD plus DVD of all their videos. The question of whether to get that or the box set was settled by the fact that the music shop couldn’t find the box set! They said they might have it in the stock room but i said not to bother. Obviously they weren’t expecting many people to buy the box set! It has a karaoke CD (do not want it!) and a CD of remixes (i probably have all the remixes already on the singles!) in addition to the standard CD and DVD.

Apparently the single does not come out until next week, which is a bit stupid because it’s Children in Need this Friday, and i thought it was supposed to be the official Children in Need song! Pfft!