Phone fixed itself!

After turning it off and on again a few times, fiddling with the buttons, sliding it up and down a bit, my phone decided to work again!

It seems it was in a perpetual state of believing it was locked, but not letting me unlock it. I’ve really no idea how i fixed it. I did pray for my phone last night … maybe that’s the answer! haha!

So now i don’t need to buy myself a new phone, and i can continue to wait for a good Google phone! :) Although i’m not convinced whether the phone is truly fixed. It seems to be having trouble charging too. Maybe it is time to get a new one anyway.


Phone broken!

My phone broke last night. It’s a software error, i’m pretty sure. The buttons stopped responding, a few at a time, except for when they bring up the missed calls screen. I took it apart to try and clean it, but that didn’t help. I left it overnight in hope that it would “fix itself” but it did not.

Funny, it’s just after my insurance expired and i didn’t renew it. It must KNOW!! Or perhaps the insurance company sent it a virus because i didn’t renew! (I am joking, i don’t think they’d really do that!)

So i’ll get a new phone. But do i get a nice cheap pay-as-you-go from Argos, or maybe look for something different? I like Virgin PAYG because it suits my phone usage (mainly text messages) – i just top up £10 every couple of months. Most of my family are on Virgin which means 3p text messages.

What is a Skype phone? Free calls sounds awesome, but what about text messaging?

Alternatively, maybe i should spend a bit more money and get something more advanced. Mobile internet (with wifi) would be great, but an iPhone seems rather expensive to me. I have been waiting for more phones to come out with the Google Android operating system, but i think there’s still just the one at the moment, and it’s only on T-Mobile.

Any help/advice will be appreciated!