Riverford Pumpkin fun day

Yesterday i went with my uncle and cousins to visit Riverford Norton, the farm where most of the fruit and vegetables that we eat are grown. We get a box delivered most weeks, and they provide us with excellent quality local seasonal produce.

They have been trying to entice us to visit for years, and when i read that they were doing a pumpkin fun day, we decided to go. It was great to see the farm, and my cousins enjoyed carving pumpkins with hundreds of other kids.

So many pumpkins!

Carving the face

At the fun day they had plenty of food and drink to try and buy, as well as other craft and fun activities for the kids. There were people doing cooking demonstrations, which gave me a few ideas of things i want to try. Here they were cooking some beautiful Romanesco broccoli just with some garlic and chilli. It was delicious!

Cooking demonstrations

Cooked Romanesco

We bought a box of pumpkins, and got lots of free fruit to bring home too!

Goodies from Riverford

Today, inspired by yesterday’s fun day, i decided to carve my own pumpkin. I first got a lot of flesh and seeds out, that i will use for soup, pancakes and toasted pumpkin seeds!

Carving my own pumpkin

Whenever i carve a pumpkin i like to do it in honour of something i feel passionately about. This year i decided to make a tribute to Buffer! :)

Buffer pumpkin with a candle inside

I look forward to putting it on display tomorrow night! :)


Little dragon

This afternoon i think i will make one of these:

It is an illusion with the effect that you think the head is moving around to look at you.

You can get the template with instructions (pdf), print it out and make your own! How cool! :D

Blanket, as promised

Blanket progress

I did loads yesterday! I was about half-way through the big red section yesterday morning. There are some lovely textures in the yarns. Thank you to Ludy for the purple yarn that i am using at the moment, and also for teaching me how to do a kind of basket weave knit pattern. I’ll take a close up once i have knitted out a bit and the pattern can be seen more clearly.

Baby blankie

I think this is turning out to be a baby blankie, which is fine by me! As promised here are some updated pictures:

Blankie progress

Blankie progress

It seems to get bigger every time i photograph it! I am currently estimating it to be about 2 metres wide! Plenty wide enough to cover a double bed! Woohoo!!

I am still accepting offers of wool donations, if you have any you’d like to offload onto me! Thank you to ladybird for the dark red that i am using right now, and the pale yellow that you can see mixed in with the pink just before the fluffy bit! :)

More wool required!

As Sixfeet asked me what i am knitting … well it is something enormous that will grow to gigantic proportions and will eventually be a blanket! I posted about it before but it got lost in the HostingRails fiasco, so here is a new picture:

Blanket progress

You can see a 30cm ruler for reference. I estimate that this is going to be about 120cm wide! Nice! :) Hence why i needed a circular needle just for the length of it.

I need more wool! If anyone fancies donating me any bits of left-over wool, please get in touch with me! Any kind of wool is good, any colour, thickness, style … it’ll all go in! I think it will be nice to have contributions from friends and family all knitted in together. Aster, who inspired me to make a blanket last week, already donated the grey that started me off. The rest i had already, or i have bought since.