Upgraded WordPress!

Whew! I survived my first WordPress upgrade! I’m glad it was only a security fix and nothing serious – i needed an easy one for the first go. So i am now up on WordPress 2.2.2 with no problems. I even made good use of the Maintenance Mode plugin whilst i was upgrading and fixing a little problem with my .htaccess file.

Step 3 of the upgrade document recommends making a post about the upgrade, hence why i am writing this!! :D

I am also preparing to migrate journal.mychores.co.uk across to WordPress, because i think it’s so much nicer to use that Typo. Plus, Typo has been going horribly wrong on me lately and i don’t know how to fix it. At least with WordPress, if i get any problems i think i’ll have more of a chance of fixing them.

In the meantime i have not actually done any chores!

Happy day

My friend Cheryl has made a wonderful post about MyChores – things like this make me indescribably happy!! :D I know i find MyChores useful, and i wouldn’t even care if nobody else in the world used it, so long as it works for me … but other people do use it, and appreciate it, and suggest improvements … and it gives me such a great feeling!!

Actually, i say Cheryl is my friend … when i think about it, we know each other because of MyChores! And now we’re friends on Twitter, and we follow each other’s blogs and flickr feeds. That’s quite special, really! :) The same is true of Lola – a friend that i know because Lola signed up to MyChores! :)

I decided not to go to the housewarming party, for one reason or another. My partner has gone without me anyway, and taken the cookies which i made, and i am pleased about that. Instead i had my family come round for lunch, which was really lovely, and then my stepmum stayed and we had a really lovely chat whilst the others went shopping. Now i am going to enjoy the evening to myself, get a few chores done, and maybe start thinking about some developments to MyChores.

I have been thinking about allowing people to submit tips on cleaning, the sort of things you pick up from How clean is your house. Tips would be tagged, so that when you’re looking at your own tasks, any potentially useful tips that other people have submitted would appear at the bottom. Tips would also be credited to the person who submitted them, and when you look at that person’s profile you’d be able to see other tips that they have submitted. I always said i don’t want MyChores to become a social/community site, but i think this could be a legitimately useful thing.

I have a couple of other ideas about MyChores developments, but i’ll keep those to myself for the time being.

Cadbury's Wispa

I just heard on XFM that Cadbury’s are going to be re-launching Wispa, after a long, hard campaign to bring back the chocolate bar of which Dairy Milk Bubbly is an extremely poor substitute.

What i want to know is … when are they going to bring back the Fuse bar?!??!! I really miss that lovely chocolate bar!

In other news …

It’s Caturday!!!!!!!