Photodiary day

Because today is becoming a total photodiary …

Clean bathroom floor

Here is a picture of the bathroom floor after i have washed it! I like this idea of taking a photo after you’ve cleaned something. I think i will enable uploading photos to MyChores – it could be a great motivator for the next time you come to clean!

And i don’t quite know why, but i took a photo of the soup i made for lunch, too:

Tomato soup

Today’s secret ingredient was paprika puree.

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Balcony plants

Whilst i’ve got the camera out …

Balcony plants

This is our attempt thus far to decorate our balcony. The Leucothoe Scarletta which i bought yesterday and haven’t had time to kill yet, the Nasturtiums which look as if they are desperately trying to stay alive (hopefully a big pot and a sunny balcony will help) and the strawberry plants which have survived the frost of winter and are growing quite quickly now! :)

What 'clean cutlery drawers' looks like

You know, it troubles me that people might see ‘clean cutlery drawers’ on my Twitter (from MyChores) and not appreciate the enormity of the task! It’s a major operation which involves getting everything out and getting water all over myself and the kitchen floor!

Cleaning the cutlery drawers

Just for your appreciation of what i did this morning! :)

It’s not as big as cleaning the inside of the cupboards though … which still needs done! Erererererer …

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